PS2BB - The ultimate vacuum tube preamp power supply

The challenge was to design a "universal"  compact vacuum tube preamp power supply so advanced that it will set the standard for audio performance for years to come! No compromise - here it is...the PS1 regulated DC supply. Read on.



When AC power is applied the PS2 first turns on heater voltage to get the vacuum tubes warmed up. At this point the high voltage DC lines are not yet switched on and the 5 volt audio muting relay (mounted on the LP2 or available separately) is in its OFF state. This mutes the audio output of the entire preamp. The POWER ON LED (not supplied) will flash for 10 seconds while the tubes are warming. At 10 seconds the high voltage transformer is switched to the AC line by way of a solid state relay and the high voltage DC rails come to life. The audio mute relay remains in its OFF state. The POWER ON LED flashes rapidly for 2 seconds while the DC supply is turned on and the preamp circuit stabilizes. After 2 seconds the POWER ON LED lights steady and the 5V audio muting muting relay is pulled in completing the signal path to your power amplifier. If you've ever been concerned about "cathode stripping" rest easy, the PS1 will treat your prized Telefunken and Mullards with care, thus prolonging their life.

This low impedance supply has been designed specifically for CLASS IX preamp modules and provides the 280VDC, 265VDC and 245VDC lines required by these modules. But you can use it for other preamp circuits too. The 265VDC and 245VDC lines can be adjusted to your requirements with a simple resistor swap. This circuit will supply up to 2 amps DC heater current at 6.3V (that's enough juice to run up to a half dozen 6 volt heaters) and up to 80ma DC high voltage current at 280VDC, so go ahead, design that new mic preamp with confidence. This supply won't let you down! And if that wasn't plenty already the additional on board access to 5VDC CT @ 0.5 amp will power most logic circuits and indicators in your project without putting a strain on power available for your heaters!

The PS1 measures 2"W X 6"L X 1.75"H - Its low profile will fit a wide variety of installations


The circuit board is constructed of double sided 1oz foil hot air leveled FR4 glass. All connections are plated both sides for exceptional component retention regardless of heat or vibration considerations.  All components have been specially selected for stability, tight tolerance and low noise. This is a premium quality circuit 


No fancy hard to source parts - just good old fashioned common sense selection






PRICE USD $129.50

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